Jurutu Kutu

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Jurutu Kutu

This painting is called “Jurutu kutu” which means “Goanna Egg” in the kalkadoon language and is my interpretation of the goanna and his never ending hunt for eggs.

From the time he is born goanna has a taste for eggs, he can smell them from miles around and can track them for days, going through water and crossing over mountains and land until he comes upon his favourite delicacy. He wont discriminate he will eat any eggs he can find unguarded and remember their taste until his next hunt.

He may be cruel to eat so many young but without him the balance of mother nature would be upset by the birth of so many young, the black spirit trails link all the animals together.

By Chern’ee Sutton

Age – 16 years.

Size – 122cm wide X 152cm high

Medium – Acrylic and textured acrylic on canvas.

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