All One Country

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All One Country

This painting is called “All One Country” and is my interpretation of the Australian Flag.

In my painting the hands represent the many different cultures and people living in Australia. The many different animals are unique to Australia with the kangaroo and emu representing our persistence for equality and our movement forwards and never backwards. The spirit trails link us all together in this movement forward and the footprints show our own separate journeys to achieve this common goal. The Southern cross depicts some of the major rivers and harbours of Australia which give life to us all (from the top star going clockwise) Brisbane river, Sydney harbour, Macquarie harbour (Tasmania), Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne) and the Swan river in Perth. The Commonwealth star depicts Canberra Parliament house with a sitting government in chambers. On the outside of the chambers are seats held by indigenous Australians from each state.

The blue around the Union Jack represents (going clockwise from the top) rain, clouds, rainbow, flood water, water holes, running water and dry water holes. The white dots on the white represent those who have fallen in battle both here in Australia and overseas by all Australians protecting our way of life. The red lines between the white represents the tilled soils of Australia with farming a major source of food and the small red dots on the red cross represent Australia’s harsh desert landscape. The red footprints represent the arrival of indigenous culture and the rainbow serpent represents the dreamtime. The aboriginal represents the start of the indigenous nation and the tall ship represents the first arrival of Europeans and colonisation. The two crosses represent Christianity and the churches role in the development of Australia and Uluru and the Olga’s represent the indigenous connection to the land.

I love my country and it’s flag, this is just my view of a different version of it.

By Chern’ee Sutton                            

Age – 15 years.

Size – 120cm wide X 90cm high.

Medium –   Acrylic and textured acrylic on canvas.

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