Pirlapirla Utinat Ntia Marria

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Pirlapirla Utinat Ntia Marria

This painting is called “Pirlapirla Utingat Ntia Marria” which means in the Kalkadoon language “Baby Emu and the Stone Axe”.

Long, long ago in Kalkadoon country an emu was born that was very different to all the other emu’s, her neck was a deep blue and red and she was the most beautiful emu ever born. Her parents loved their new baby very much and they both admired the beautiful striking colours that made her so different to all the other emu’s. Baby emu only ever played with herself or with her parents because she looked so different none of the other emu’s would play or even talk to her.

One day baby emu was playing by herself while her parents were out gathering food for their dinner, the parents were so busy that they did not notice the Kalkadoon hunters that were slowly creeping closer and closer until it was too late and the last thing the parents heard was the sound of the spears before they hit their target. Baby emu returned to camp but there was no sign of her parents anywhere and so she waited and waited and waited. After several days she decided to go and look for her parents and ask the other emu’s if they had seen them. She travelled all over Kalkadoon country from South to North and East to West asking all the other emu’s if they had seen her parents but she got the same response from everyone she asked, they would just turn their backs on baby emu and ignore her because of the colour of her skin. Baby emu felt so alone and betrayed by her own kind because she looked different to them. While still looking for her parents one morning she heard a soft hooting sound coming from behind some thick spinifex grass and as she slowly went to investigate she thought to herself could this be my parents. As she got closer she was startled to see a Kalkadoon hunter jump up from behind the grass and throw a stone axe at her which hit its target and baby emu fell to the ground.

The creator spirit after seeing the way baby emu was treated spoke to her in a dream and said “baby emu I am disgusted and saddened by the way you were treated by your own kind because you looked a little different to everyone else, because of this I will give you new life and a new family”.  In return for this new life and family you must leave Kalkadoon country and never return and you must always remember how you were treated and always treat your brothers and sisters with the same respect that you wish for yourself. Baby emu agreed and then awoke jumping to her feet, she ran towards the Kalkadoon hunter knocking him over with the stone axe that was still stuck in her head. She continued to run for many days until finally she reached the safety of the rainforest.

To this day baby emu has never forgotten the way she was treated and treats all of her family with respect and love and she is now known as the cassowary. She uses the stone axe on her head to defend her family from those that would harm them and she never leaves the safety of her rainforest home.

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