Ntia Utinat Kutu Dreaming

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Ntia Utinat Kutu Dreaming

This painting is called “Ntia Utinat Kutu Dreaming” in the Kalkadoon language which means “Stone Emu Egg Dreaming”.

This painting is my interpretation of “Ntia Utinat Kutu Dreaming” a story told to me by an elder about the stone emu nest.

Long long ago in the dreamtime there were 2 emu’s that passed through Kalkadoon country travelling North, they both caused trouble with everything they did and were continually fighting with each other all along the way. After days of travel and fighting the 2 emu’s came apon a beautiful water spring where they both watered and refreshed and decided to build a nest nearby. Just after they fought over the nest they had just built, the female emu layed 2 eggs and once she had done this the 2 emu’s, their nest and 2 eggs were then turned to stone.

The stone emu nest and 2 stone eggs are still lying in Mount Isa today in exactly in the same place they were long, long ago, this is a very sacred and special place to the Kalkadoon people.

In my painting the emu footprints represent the emus journey to their nest, the yellow ochre and green dots represent the land they crossed, the white dots represent the troubles and fighting they had with each other and the blue dots represent the water spring that is near their nest.

Let all who see this painting and read this story know that Kalkadoon history and culture is timeless and as old as time itself.

Size – 100cm wide X 75cm high

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