Yugambeh Djagun

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Yugambeh Djagun

This painting is called “Yugambeh Djagun” in the Yugambeh language which means “Genesis of the Gold Coast” and this painting has been painted as a gift for the Yugambeh people with permission from the Yugambeh elders.

The Gold Coast was mountainous, undulating with valleys and gorges, highlands and peaks right down to the ocean. 

AND there was peace Durungul  - between animals of the land, the birds of the air and the creatures of the sea.

IN the air, their chief was Booganban, the Sparrow Hawk.

In the sea, it was Gowonda the clever Dolphin.

And on the land it was Goanna – yowgurra. Yowgurra was the holder of the juan - the spear - and with that he could defeat anyone or anything at all.

But one day Yowgurra decided HE the Goanna should be not just king of the land but of the sea and the air as well. He gathered his warriors together – the Murun the Emu the powerful kicker the fastest runner , the muni – the bounding kangaroos and even the millery millery diren the slippery slippery snakes. Every animal he gathered to tell of his plan.

Looking down from the Sky Booganban – the Sparrow hawk – saw what was happening. He quickly gathered his clans together. The mibun – the mighty eagle – the koolumbaran – the magpie – the the kagaru the kookaburra.  We have to bumalen he said – we have to fight.

And Gowonda the wise dolphin looked out from the waves. He too understood what was happening. And he too gathered his bravest and fiercest  and they readied for battle.

Yowgurra was first into the fray. With his spear he was fearless – killing all who opposed him.

The battle raged through the water and the land. AS they fought and wrestled their bodies cut great gouges into the landscape – forming valleys and rivers. On the seabed it formed trenches and islands. They say it is how the bay we call Moreton bay was formed – during this battle.

Then with a masterstroke  - booganban – the sparrow hawk swooped down from high in the clouds like a lightning bolt - and He snatched the juan the spear from yowgurra the goanna – and at that point he knew the battle was his.

With the spear he could defeat all the animals of the land

But he still had gowonda and his clans to deal with.

So out across the ocean he went – and he found the mighty dolphin. Once more he swooped down – but this time to deliver a blow that would seal victory for the birds of the air forever.

He thrust the spear hard and deep into Gowonda’s back.

The dolphin shook with enormous pain. He writhed in agony. He knew if the spear remained he would surely die. So with one last desperate effort, he filled his lungs and gave an enormous blast of air from his insides – and blew the spear out of his back and so high that it disappeared from view.

But so big was the blast, it blew a shower of blood and salt water that filled the skies. It gathered as the biggest storm cloud. And then it rained down - blood and salt water –for months on end. It smashed into the earth, washing away the mountains, sending landslides of mud into the valleys, eroding the highlands until there was nothing but the flat lands of the gold coast that we see today.

So devastating– that the creatures forgot their quest, and returned to their homes.

Eventually the world returned to calm.

But today we look at that FLAT landscape and we remember that battle. And it is a reminder.

Don’t be greedy. Don’t be selfish. Don’t fight with your neighbours.

Size – 152cm x 121cm wide


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