Thapu Wani Watina 2016

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Thapu Wani Watina 2016

This painting is called “Thapu Wani Watina” which means “Brothers Playing Side By Side”.

In my painting the rainbow serpent represents the Dreamtime and Indigenous history, culture and connection to the land. The thirteen handprints represent the Indigenous All Stars players both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders that will take to the field, being brothers they are all connected to each other playing as ‘All One Mob’ and are all filled with pride and passion.

 The bronze star represents Rugby League Bronzed Immortal “Arthur Beetson” who has left his mark on the game of Rugby League forever,  “Arthur Beetsons” bronze star (on the left) is also encircled by another star which represents the All Stars Arthur Beetson Memorial Trophy. The second bronze star represents the future Indigenous bronzed Immortals who will follow in Arthur Beetsons footsteps.

The gold star represents Rugby League Legend and the All Stars founder Preston Campbell with this star also representing the Gold Preston Campbell Medal for the man of the match.

The 20 red stars represent the whole Indigenous All Stars squad, they are all proud to be members of this team representing all Indigenous Australians.

 The red background in the painting represents the motto “One brother bleeds, all brothers bleed”.

The war cry performed by the kneeling Indigenous All Stars team invokes their ancestor spirits from the dreamtime who rise above to give strength, courage and wisdom to the team as they take to the field to do battle.

The three flags represent all of Australia – The Aboriginals, The Torres Strait Islanders and the rest of the nation. The footprints represent the different communities and people that travel to the game to give their support and the 3 boomerangs represent the Indigenous warriors that have come to do battle on the football field with the rest of the circles and dots representing the rest of Australia that watch the game and show their support to this proud unified game.

This painting was used on the NRL's 2016 Mens and womens Indigenous All Stars Jerseys and merchandise.

Size – 122cm wide X 91cm high

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