Thaamu Caina Putut Ilya Wartanganha

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Thaamu, Caina Putut, Ilya, Wartanganha

This painting is called “Thaamu, Caina Putut, Ilya, Wartanganha” which means “Totems, Long ago, Today, Tommorrow”  in the Kalkadoon language.

In my painting the totems represent the sacred and spiritual connection that the players have with their culture, the past, the present and the future. These totems give the players pride and passion as they take to the field to do battle with some totems representing players from the past that still look down and give strength and guidance to the team.

The totems included from the past are the Bunya Nut Tree and Native Honey Bee which represent Rugby league Legend and Bronzed Immortal Arthur Beetson, the Carpet Snake represents Indigenous All Stars founder and League Legend Preston Campbell. The totems from the present represent the current playing group through the Emu, the Praying Mantis and the Wedge Tailed Eagle. The totems included for the future players are the Kangaroo, the Goanna and the turtle.

The Boomerang represents the War Cry performed before the start of the game with the 20 dots behind the boomerang representing the whole Indigenous All Stars Squad that form the shape of the boomerang during this powerful spirit invoking dance.

The 20 red and white stars represent the Indigenous All Stars squad, being brothers they are all connected to each other playing as ‘All One Mob’. They are all proud to be members of this team representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people all over the country. The red in the stars represents the motto “One brother bleeds, all brothers bleed”.

The two handprints and community symbol represents the National Rugby League and the All Stars Week. Through their Reconciliation Action Plan the NRL continually gives back and helps communities to overcome disadvantage and social disadvantage throughout the year.

The Bunya Nut Tree also represents the Youth Summit participants being proud of their heritage with the strong roots representing the strong foundations that have now been set for them through hard work thanks to the All Stars Week. Inside the tree the Bronze Star which represents the All Stars Arthur Beetson Memorial Trophy and is the motivation that reminds the participants of success with the traditional symbols and rock art which connects us all to our cultural identity and cultural knowledge.

The human footprints represent the different communities and people that travel to this unified game to give their support. As they travel the red circles get bigger and bigger which represents their anticipation and excitement for the game until they finally reach the game which is represented by the campsite at the bottom where all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people gather as “All one Mob”.

The rest of the circles and dots represent the rest of the nation that watch and enjoy this game from their communities and the animal footprints connect us as Indigenous people to our country and this land for all time.

This painting was used for the 2017 NRL's Mens and Womens Indigenous All Stars Jerseys and Merchandise.

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